New features in your iPhone 7

The much awaited iPhone 7 was released on September 17 and its fans once again queued up to be the first to grab this legendary device. Here’s what’s new in the incredible iPhone 7. New colors - iPhone 7 have been introduced in 2 new colors – black and jet black. These colors have already … Continue reading New features in your iPhone 7


Must-have Travel Gadgets

Has the travel bug hit you yet? If not, now is the time! The weather is great in most of the places and a year with some traveling early on is bound to be good throughout. We must warn you though. Get your gadgets in order before you set off. They will be your best … Continue reading Must-have Travel Gadgets

HTC J Butterfly, the 5-inch smartphone!

Introducing HTC J Butterfly, the world’s first smartphone which sports a deliciously high-resolution 5-inch Super LCD 3 display with 1920x1080p display. This display, with its 440ppi density, puts the Retina Display on the iPhone 5 to shame, as it can only muster 640 x 1136 at 326ppi, while its big screened rival, the Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading HTC J Butterfly, the 5-inch smartphone!

Take note of the new Samsung Galaxy Note II!

Embroiled in a legal battle with Apple, Samsung has managed to announce the launch of the Galaxy Note II, the second generation smartphone from the stables of the South Korean manufacturer. According to Samsung, the biggest benefit of this latest innovation is that you can make more of your ideas when equipped with this superlative … Continue reading Take note of the new Samsung Galaxy Note II!