6 Instagrammable Appliances

If you are someone who looks for design and beauty in everything, it can be easily assumed that you are probably hooked to your instagram account.  Gadgets are not just about their mundane day to day used or tech pieces with amazing features. In today’s age and time they have become almost collectors’ pieces and very much instagrammable.

The fashionable pieces suggested in this article will give your home and life a much needed techie makeover. From retro music players and slick laptops to appliances with a splash of color we will be covering them all.

  1. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

The Stanmore is a compact active stereo speaker that yields clean and precise sound even at high levels. Stanmore’s classic design is a throwback to the golden days of rock’n’roll, and its analogue interaction knobs give you custom control of your music. Its retro look gives it a spunky feel and makes for an ideal instagrammable picture.

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  1. Fujifilm Instax camera

Available in a variety of pastel shades, this camera is not only very pleasing to the eyes but also delivers instant polaroid images. It will not only act as the cool accessory around your neck but also store your memories in a way that no hard disc crash or data corruption can erase.

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  1. Macbook Air

This slick and beautiful laptop is bound to be a head turner whether you are spending some time at a coffee shop or finishing an assignment while waiting for your flight. Its lightweight designs makes it easy to carry and gives you a very picture ready look too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 12.10.15 PM

  1. Delonghi cappuccino maker

Please don’t talk to us in the morning before we have had our first cup of coffee. 😉

If you are a coffee aficionado and like your coffee with a sprinkling of style then you CANNOT say no to this coffee maker. Place this coffee maker on your kitchen mantle and give your guests a cappuccino experience they will never forget.

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  1. Master chef gourmet kitchen machine

This is the ultimate kitchen accessory. This beautifully designed gourmet kitchen machine with its sleek finish will not only sit pretty on your kitchen counter but also help you in finishing all your kitchen tasks well in time.

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  1. Logitech G402 Hyperion gaming mouse

Gaming fan? Bring that extra edge to your gaming kit with this supercool Logitech gaming mouse. This one is not only visually appealing but also one of the fastest mouse. It also has a fusion engine high-speed tracking, 8 programmable buttons and 32-bit arm processor which will make your game even more fun. Click some pictures and share them on insta to see your friends and enemies turn green.

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Do you too have suggestions for any instagrammable gadgets? Tag us on your stylish gadgets’ pictures on instagram.