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More and more students are spending time online, even for their studies, but how productive is it really? Stumbling upon interesting articles or humorous gags, while researching is too easy and is more of a distraction than anything else. So we thought, why not sift through the myriad apps out there and pick just the right ones to boost your productivity.

1. Snap2PDF












Take a picture of any handout/textbook to convert it into a PDF (one that recognizes text and provides translations for foreign language words!), so you can take all those heavy books and photocopies off your desk.

2. Clear











Keep track of your various to-do lists, and sync them with your other devices so you can access them from anywhere in this app with a easy and colourful interface.

3. Duolingo











It teaches you, tests you, and even sometimes fails you, all so you can ace that language class and even if you’re not taking a language class at college, it doesn’t hurt to have another language ace up your sleeve.

4. Sleepcycle














Between college projects and parties, you might find yourself starved for sleep. This app calculates the length and frequency of your REM cycles to make sure that when you do get some shut-eye, it’s valuable.

5. MyFitnessPal











Binge eating too much? It becomes hard to keep your eating habits in check when you’re out and about the whole time. That’s when this app helps you out by tracking your daily calorie intake.












College has a way of making your money vanish. Use this app to track where it’s vanishing away.

7. Everest














And finally, let’s talk about your goals. Whether it’s the short-term goals while you’re still in college or the long-term ones that result from epiphanies after an all-nighter, this app helps you keep all of them in sight.

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