Acer Ferrari Liquid E

Has anyone of you used the Acer Ferrari liquid E phone as yet? Well if you haven’t, you soon will after reading up this blog post. Acer has come up with a special edition of its very next version of the liquid smart phone which has been dubbed into Acer Liquid ‘e’ Ferrari Smartphone. This … Continue reading Acer Ferrari Liquid E


10+ Coolest Upcoming Gadgets Of 2011!

The electronic gadget’s market is a giant area for technocrats with countless gadgets that gain recognition and are praised worldwide. Technology is advancing so rapidly, that with every passing day; we hear about new electronic gadgets and their upgraded versions being launched in the market with extraordinary features. These products sometimes are complete sellouts and … Continue reading 10+ Coolest Upcoming Gadgets Of 2011!

Ace in the hole

The Ace's design is simple but sophisticated, with a smoothly glossy front and a pleasingly grippy back cover. Its 3.5-inch screen and squarish case definitely look similar to the iPhone 4, but it's mostly plastic rather than metal. The Ace still feels solid and well made, however. Like many of Samsung's recent smart phones, it's … Continue reading Ace in the hole

Nokia N9 – The most beautiful phone from Nokia ever!

Nokia but it’s probably the most beautiful phone from Nokia ever! The Nokia N9 is a smartphone made by Nokia based on the MeeGo "Harmattan" mobile operating system, the first from Nokia on the MeeGo OS. It will be released in three colors: black, cyan and magenta. Design: When everything looks like a copy of … Continue reading Nokia N9 – The most beautiful phone from Nokia ever!